Monday, May 30, 2011

I Heart Brooklyn

Im having a love affair. His name is Lager and he is from Brooklyn.

I met him a few months ago when I was visiting a friend in New York. A friend ( sexy brewery dude)  of Lager was giving tours of his place. As I was learning about his family history and how he and his siblings were born....I allowed him ( lager, not sexy brewery dude....although the thought crossed my mind) to touch my lips and stimulate my taste buds.  It was our special moment. His lingering honey crisp taste was  how I knew I would develop a longing for him at the end of every long lonely day.  There is no other lager like him. He is the one.  He has a slight bitter side, I have to be careful not to tell him about my other lover, dogfish head.  No worries though, he is more easy going ( down..heehee) than anything.

It's a long distance affair. I do not get to see him often. I live in Illinois and although he shows up in liquor stores from time to time...I have to find him hiding out in some local beer bars in Chicago.  He is not a one woman kind of brew. His bright gold amber good looks are tempting to others and I have to put my jealousy aside when I finally find him...because he is so tasty and refreshing.

We have had many wonderful moments together. He greeted me after a long hot run, he is a great shower buddy ( this is a sign of commitment for me) and he always wraps his gentle arms around me at the end of a rough day. He smells so earthy/manly yet sweet, almost a hint of caramel. It's addicting. I would bathe in Lager if he would let me.

I hope you get to meet him some time. He really is quite the gentleman.


Sunday, March 6, 2011

F**K You! Namaste!

It's been a hell of winter and I for one am fucking sick of it.  I'm tired of the slushy, shitty, gray days. I'm tired of the traveling and the ending of relationships. I'm tired of eating pasta to keep warm and sick of my toes being held hostage to socks and boots. I want my flip flops and my summer beer.  Breathe, calm down.....NAMASTE!

I would like to personally thank my friend Ann, who stored up this lovely Dogfish Head Namaste for just the right moment in winter where we all know spring is just around the corner and then it freaking SNOWS one last damn time, just to remind us that spring is not official until the 21st of March

Namaste is a crisp citrus Belgian White delight. Light in hops, Light in ABV and brings you peace with every sip. Lemongrass and Coriander pretty much screams FLIP FLOPs on my lips.  It is approachable and best if shared with a friend who is also sick of this Chicago Winter.  The best part is that you are not required to do any downward facing dogs to enjoy it. Just hunt for it, buy it, open it, pour it.......Cheers! 

Saturday, January 1, 2011

The Story Goes Like this.....

Girl meets guy. Guy charms girl with adventures and promises. Girl falls in love. Guy falls in love.  Guy gets new job, not here....but there. Girl feels supportive, but it all comes out wrong.  Guy moves. Girl misses guy. Guy misses girl, but it all comes out wrong.   Girl and Guy Fight, Girl and Guy make up.  Guy breaks up with girl. Girl drinks beer. And that is how I discovered Netebuk 

I hung up the phone, put on my coat and walked (after appropriate amount of melt down time passed) to Red and White, my favorite wine store in my neighborhood. I had every intention of grabbing some wine to numb the pain, but there it was.  Red and White has a small cooler of speciality brews that are usually impossible to find and always are an introduction to something new and intriguing.

Girl Goes Crazy Spoiler:  You have to understand I was in a daze, but as I passed the cooler to purchase my carefully selected wine for the night ( pretty labels).  I stopped to look at the cooler. There it was a bright green paper with a goat on it. I have a friend who is married to a man she calls goat.  Goat is ridiculously in touch with his feelings that at times it makes me feel like I have failed as a woman. Goat thinks the guy who dumped me is good for me.  So why not, why not get the beer with the Goat on it so I can pity myself for sabotaging a a relationship that probably was good for me. Thanks Goat.  It seemed logical that I needed to take this beer home. Yep, that's right I said Logical.

I picked up the beer and asked the store owner if it was good. Store Owner: "Yep, we don't select beers that we don't think are good."  Thanks dude. OK, so he makes a good point and on any other day I would have been fine with this answer........but I just got dumped, humor me for beer's sake ( I also knew he was from wisconsin, which is where guy who dumped me is from so I was already mad at him by geographical up bringing default). He didn't know of course, so I choked my rage and mustered up a smile and said "I'll take it". It was a good decision.

Best Break up Belgian Ale of all time.  Pricey, but delicious. It's the type of beer you want after a good workout or in my case a massive cry. I normally would not enjoy a blond in the middle of winter, but the bakery fresh aroma and it's full body make it a perfect for a blustery night. The hops are there but they aren't punching you in the face. There are some faint peach notes with a spicy finish. After a few sips I could taste some baked bread and lemon. Its smooth and very drinkable.  It's not the type of break up beer you would want if you hate the guy or if you dumped him( grab a whiskey) It's a bitter sweet love story. Enjoy it.

Brewery: T'Brouwkot
Imported: 12 Percent

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Beer Snobitis Remission: The Spotted Approachable, Slightly-Accessible Cow

A few weeks back I was out with one of my good friends @ my local watering hole.  We met a suburban "Chicago"land native who after I ordered a Rogue Dead Guy said with the best chicago accent of all time " I can't staaaand Doze fancy beers, I mean duz that make me sound ignorANT? I just don't like dem, I know I should, but I just don't get it, ya knows. I know it makes me look stupid to drink dis here miller light, but I enjoy it."  My first thought was, Hi Mr. Unnecessary Beer Defense Guy!  With pause and some calculated thought to be on my best behavior I said Hi and... "if you enjoy it, that is ok with me, I personally do not enjoy it, no argument from me!" Then I thought how it bugs me when people misuse the word ignorant, but not really the time nor place to go down that road.

I admit part of me feels sorry for him, The corporate beer giants have been marketing to him since he was 10 years old.  When you walk into a grocery store in the Chicagoland area, Bud and Miller products take up most of the shelves and end caps. Not to mention how most sports franchises are sponsored by the Corp Beer Giants. The dude loves sports. He had on a Chicago Bears T-shirt, a Chicago Cubs hat and Chicago Blackhawks jacket.   His accessibility to Craft Brew is not necessarily encouraged.  Feel like arguing with me, that's Beer Wars first and then let us talk.

Chicago Beer defense guy was only responding to the recent epidemic of Beer Snobitis. I admit I have had my fair share of arguments on why the beer I love is better than your beer.  My intentions really were all about showing people they have options and should demand better taste and social responsibility in their beer.  What I realized is that, by engaging in such arguments I am only creating the "my mind is so open it's closed" effect. Which ultimately annoys the crap out of people and closes all possibilities of them listening to anything you have to say.

I have decided after this interaction, I would shift my disease to a condition.  Goodbye Beer Snobitis, Hello Beer Geekhood.  I am not above drinking the beer that my mother stocks in her fridge, which is always without fail Corona.  In fact, it is usually the best damn beer I ever had after 15 minutes of walking in her door.

Thanks for the speech Hops Lobster, now get to the beer!  I have to admit I feel somewhat apprehensive about sharing this beer with you.  The whole point of being a beer geek is that I want to make beer accessible and approachable to everyone. I want all people to feel like they can try any beer and will not face ridicule for their choice.   I want people to test their limits and seek out new tastes and flavors.  New Glarus Brewery's Spotted Cow is the most approachable beer I know and sadly the least accessible.

And yet I choose my choice.  I truly believe that Spotted Cow is the most approachable beer for anyone that prefers beer over other drinks.  I have not met one person I have introduced this beer to that had a bad thing to say about it.  Porter lovers like it, bud lovers like it, wheat lovers like it, hop nutz like it, beer snobs like it, Coors sippers can't get enough of me, it never disappoints. It is a Wisconsin ale with a cautious 4.8% ABV. It has a grainy, sweet taste......but not too sweet. It's almost honey like, although honey is not present. It pours golden and is soft on the nose and there is little after taste. You will notice a little sediment called brewer's yeast, no worries just some vitamin b's and potassium you can brag about at the gym.

It's a craft brew that cares about it's town and it's state.  New Glarus Brewery does not distribute outside it's Wisconsin border. Yep, not the best example of an accessible beer, unless of course you live in Wisconsin, then put down that Milwaukee's best just for a moment and try a Spotted Cow. It's moolicious.  Seriously although it is difficult to get to, it is easy to enjoy. If you find your self in Wisconsin and you are not normally a Craft Brew Loving type of person......just humor me and head to the local pub and ask for The Spotted Cow and some cheese curds.  It won't disappoint!


Sunday, September 19, 2010

It's Fall...on my bottom lip.

It's Fall.

Yeah yeah smarty pants, I know that it's scientifically still summer, but I live in IS fall. Football is on, there is a crisp chill in the air. The leaves are green, hanging on for dear life.  The long sleeves are on, our DVRs are maxed out with the Fall TV schedule (what exactly is THE EVENT for the love of the Peacock?), the windows are open, blankets on, to wear the flip flop or not is the big decision of the day and Dogfish Head has released their Punkin Ale.

You heard me! Don't try to argue now, thats right..Punkin Ale is on tap, so put that baseball glove away bring out that QB Jersey and drink up.

I would seriously bathe in this beer. It's like AUTUMN in my mouth, Fall on my lips to be exact. In my opinion it is the best fall release beer in the American Craft Beer world.

I feel like most Pumpkin flavored beers are ummmm....Pumpkin Pie Flavored. Punkin Ale is not. It has real pumpkin, and all the fall spices but not sugary sweet. It does have some brown sugar notes, but you won't be overwhelmed by them. This brown ale is fact you can knock a few back and not realize the 7% abv until the 2nd half. Oops.

Hurry up and get you some! Before you know it,  it will be time to pardon a turkey and we all will be Punked out!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

My Magic Eight Ball is spelled D-O-G-F-I-S-H H-E-A-D

Me(left) and Friends and our brush
with Fame "Sam Calagione"( Center)
Thanks Sam,  for creating
 Dogfish 60 Minute IPA, My Magic 8 Ball.

Dear Dogfish Head's 60 Minute IPA-

I have the blues. You see, my friends and I aren't as close as we use to be, my boyfriend moved to Portland and lately my job forces me to stick needles in my eyes and that hurts. To Quote my lover Bob Dylan "and it's hard and it's hard, it's hard and it's hard, it's a hards rain's a gonna fall..."

I am asking you and your reliable Indian Pale Ale wisdom, what next?
I come to you because you have never let me down. You are 100% consistent each and every time I come to you for advice. You are awesome from start to finish. Your hoppy, citrus, malty response to my nagging questions are always PERFECT and never disappoint. 


Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Baron Von Awesome vs. Rum and Coke.....Place Ur Bets!

Nothing irritates me more in life than when I hear the following words at a brewery ( a place that brews beer on property) "Can i have a rum and coke?"  The answer is "NO, NO YOU CAN NOT!"  It happened tonight. It happend at Piece Pizzeria and Brewery in Chicago's Wicker Park neighborhood. It took all the will power I ever had to not put fist to face. How can you possibly order a rum and coke when there are beers on tap called  Camel Toe, Full Frontal Ale, Worryin Ales, Wingnut and Baron Von Awesome?

Baron Von Awesome is genius in it's name and in it's 4.5% delicious craft beer wheat ale dreaminess.  Go get you some of this Not Rum and Coke Awesomeness.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

A Nutty Canadian

Tonight, i found myself in Toronto. It could happen.  Every time i find myself in Canada...i always say to myself....."Self, the beer here makes me feel like i just went for a run, water."  

yelped about the town after I arrived at my hotel. I never yelp before I depart to Canada, as it's always questionable if they will allow me in ( i was kicked out of canada for reals.) I found my Canadian Lobster. I found Beer Bistro.  

For the U.S of A followers, you would think, um this doesn't sound all that different from anything you would find in the states, this trendy beer business and all. Well, yeah, but I am in Toronto and I swear to you, this is a gem. A JEM, if you will ( click on that link, you won't regret it).

I learned tonight from the Beer Bistro Bartendar..... most Canadians think Americans (U.S. Citizens, not to be confused with Canadian's or Mexicans) only drink Bud light, Coors Light and Miller Light. I was sure to correct those rumors by saying "um, no it's Bud, Miller, Coors and Redbull and Vodka, so there." Funny thing is I thought Canadians only drank LabattsMoosehead and Molsen .  


Denison's Dunkel  is one of two brews made by Denison's Brewing Company.  It's a Munich style beer with a sweet nutty finish. I tasted hints of burnt toast and felt the Malty texture as it went down the hatch. The details and craftsmanship that went into this beer excited me about the Ontario beer scene.  You can only find it in Toronto, which makes it special and an excellent find on my part. Beer Geek Points racking up over here.  Canada........You had me at "Eh"