Saturday, July 31, 2010

Lobster Beer?

It may be true that Lobster's love beer. I don't know, I unfortunately do not speak Lobster well enough to ask one about their feelings on the subject and for that matter how it is digestively possible.

What I do know is that it is a well known fact ( if you watched Friends) that Lobsters mate for life and I have found my lobster...His name is Beer. I dated a few losers named Keystone and Natural Light in my younger years....they always left me feeling cheap and used. And who can forget that guy named Bud, what a let down.

It was 1997 in Flagstaff, Arizona where I discovered the beer who loved me as much as I loved it. An Honest beer with integrity and character. Guinness was his name. I called him my McStout. He Loved me like a champ. He introduced me to a world where beer treated me with respect and dignity.

Guinness and I still see each other from time to time for the occasional Autumn or Winter hookup, but i have since committed to the American Craft Beer. This blog will be a story of our courtship. Cheers!

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