Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Holy Tree! It's Dogfish Limited Release

Tonight I was out for a little grocery shopping and a beer with my Gay at the Whole Foods.

"Say what?" "Never mind the fact that she mentioned she has with her Gay, not sure what that even means.......but a beer at the Grocery store?"

Hell Yeah!  Grocery shopping with a beer is the greatest invention since beer.  You can read how I feel about Whole Foods in Lincoln, Park @ temily.yelp.com

Whole Foods is all about local. Normally the beers on tap reflect this value, such as Half Acre and Goose Island, both Chicago Breweries. Tonight, they had both of those,  Three Floyd's from Indiana as well as the greatest surprise in life....Dog Fish Head's Palo Santo Marron.

I ran my skinny jeans right up to that counter and said to the nice man behind the bar. "I will take the Dogfish Limited Release please!" It was like I was a kid in a 10 cent candy store pointing to the Willy Wonka chocolate bar.  Martin ( bartender, he made his own name tag) said "Such a good beer." I smiled from ear to ear cause I hoped he was right. I am a lover of the Dog Fish Head beers and I have never been able to get my hands on this one. Martin then said " Have you heard the story of this beer?" Golly Gee  he just turned my Willy Wonka bar into the Golden Ticket (hops lobster material).  "No, please dish!"

Martin explained that this particular beer is fermented in the Largest Wooden Brewing Vessel in the History of the States.  I believe him. I want to, I have to.  Martin may have secretly married this beer. You can tell he loves it THAT much. I can't let him down with my skepticism.  Between you and I ( and probably Martin eventually), I am a proud pessimist.  I pulled out my laptop, connected to wifi and checked the 411. Martin was mostly correct. Get the facts here.

Now here's the opinion:  I want to marry this beer.  Til death do us part, the cake, the dj, the his and her towel set. I love it THAT much.   Martin is invited to the wedding.  It has a vanilla finish that makes me want to sing Amazing Grace. Infact, I did and no one cared cause it's trivia night at Whole Foods....you can imagine the crowd.

Anyway, the beer is 12% ABV (fact) so its probably the only beer you need for the night. It's not a party passer. It's a beer to be savored and loved and enjoyed with a great meal.  You can taste those wooden vessels, but not over powering. It feels velvety going down ( heehee, I said going down).  It smells a bit like coffee but a little more complicated. I recommend it to people who enjoy a beer that is a little dark and curvy. Thank you Dogfish Head!



  1. I am the aforementioned gay (www.noshworthy.com) so I can attest to the quality of this blog--and beer.

    First, I wanted to shove a nice, spicy Spanish chorizo down my throat with this beer. It was made to be put up against some spicy, smoky nosh. I could also add some thick, grilled steak to that chorizo and be an even happier boy.


  2. Love the Willy Wonka reference. Your blog is fun to read, even if I don't love beer. Yep, I said it. Shhhhhhh.

  3. I bought a 4-pack and am looking forward to trying this tonight.

  4. The Palo Santo might be just a tad bit too much for me. However, if you ever to a 50/50 of Palo Santo and 90 Minute, that is great stuff.