Sunday, August 22, 2010

Jolly Love

This picture sucks, but the beer does not
Here I am!  Don't you dare for one second think I was taking a break from beer or from blogging about beer. I actually was  doing a cross country trip and well when that happens. You take vacation and then you have to come back from vacation and it turns out blogging isn't my actual job so I had to give the workie a little lovey.

Speaking of work, tonight I am in Ann Arbor, Michigan ( insert mandatory "Go blue" cry, followed by rolling of eyes by me).  Being here reminds me of my favorite Michigan Brewery, Jolly Pumpkin. Sure i love the quirky name and the  awesome artistry on the labels......but the beer is where it's at.  

Jolly Pumpkin Artesian Ales are not for the novice beer lover. Every beer I have tried from this brewery always have a bit of a bite or citrus tang. It's a distinct taste that has stuck with me since my first sip and if ever presented a Jolly Pumpkin beer in a blind tasting, I would be able to pick it out just by the crinkle of my nose.  Check out their unique brewing process here

Last night I picked up a Calabaza Bianca, a Wit bier that tickles the nose ( speaking of wit, sorry for the lack of it, in this post). I find that most Wit biers are heavy on the Hay. Not this one. The citrus zest is what stays with me and I am a fan of the dry finale. It's a PERFECT beer in my opinion. There is a sour note that just makes you want to smack your lips.  So go on and pick up a bottle or head to one of their breweries/restaurants and try some Jolly Pumpkin love.

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