Sunday, August 1, 2010

Lesson 1: Beer! Lesson 2: Supper Clubs!

Here is what you need to know about Wisconsin people. They LOVE Wisconsin. They love their state more than any person in this country. If you are talking to someone and you ask them where they are from....walk away if they say they are from Wisconsin, unless of course you are willing to listen to 2 hours of why Wisconsin is the greatest state in our country. It's different than when someone boasts about their "greatest city in the world" this is an ENTIRE state. Consider yourself warned.

I met my boyfriend about 5 months ago and the second I asked him where he was from, I knew I was in for an education on how great Wisconsin is and always will be. My first real concern was, "great he probably likes crappy beer". I mean what good beer comes from Wisconsin? As some of you may know I don't have a filter so that thought actually was voiced out loud and "D" ( boyfriend) gave me a 5 part lecture on how inferior all other beers in America were to Wisconsin beers. I have to admit I really didn't know there were any other Wisconsin beers out there other than Miller Brewing Company, which I do not enjoy!

Fast forward a few months and I am on a weekend trip to Madison, WI and Devil's Lake. It was on that trip I was introduced to Capital Brewing Company. Unfortunately, the Brewery was closed the day we were passing through, but we were able to find a restaurant in Madison that provided their Maibock ( you will have to wait til February to get a taste) on tap. I remember saying "Well Wisconsin....look who showed up to the Good Beer Party!" I'm pretty sure "D" said something to the affect of "Showed up? They started that party!" Cue rolling of the eyes.

Last night I headed to Red and White, a favorite spot to pick up some craft/unique beers in Bucktown. It was there I was reminded of my Maibock discovery when I saw Supper Club. I have to admit I was intrigued by the design of the label and then the name Supper Club. WHY?, You ask. Well, as you can imagine I am lectured on the Greatness of Wisconsin on a fairly regular basis and shame on me if I have no idea what the hell a Supper Club is. I do now. All you need to know is that Wisconsin is full of them, they are more of a destination rather than just a place to eat and they make Wisconsin Great!

Capital Brewing's Supper Club is in a word "Crisp", a clean crisp summer lager. The label indicates "Not bad" and that is sort of what I said after the first taste. It was exactly what I needed after cleaning my non-air conditioned apartment on a humid Chicago day.

I feel like this is the beer you want to introduce to someone who swears they will never drink anything but Bud light or Miller. It's safe and will slowly introduce him or her into the world of American Craft Brew. After one sip they will have to admit "It's not bad!"


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  1. Aside from beers in WI, I prefer to say Yes to Michigan.