Monday, August 2, 2010

Missed Opportunity

Woman  (to bartender)
 I'll have an Oberon,
no wait....I'll have a Schlitz Tall boy

Hops Lobster internal voice

(Hipster Boyfriend walks through the door)

(Hops Lobster nods head 
to indicate it all makes perfect sense)

(Hops Lobster orders Oberon)

Classic case of woman sacrificing her own taste for her cute hipster boyfriend. It happens every day in this city. As a woman, I understand the sacrifices we make to impress or show our guy we are interested in him. However, I can not and will not understand giving up my taste in beer for a guy. I wouldn't have been as shocked if she was weighing her options between a PBR and Schlitz, but she made a clear sacrifice with a smidgen of hesitation and what seemed to be a hint of sadness in her voice.  

I felt sorry for her missed opportunity and I ordered the Bell's Oberon.  You are welcome.  Don't get me wrong, there is a time and a place for a nostalgic beer in a can, however dinner at 5pm where Bell's is on draft is not one of those places.  

 Oberon is not in a fancy can that says "Hey look at me, and now talk about how eccentric I am", but it is a classic, refreshing summer ale. If it's looks your going for, it does have a a pretty sun on the draft handle and bottle, or hey...order a shirt.  I love Oberon because I know each and every time I order one it is going to be the sunshine it's name implies ( yeah, that felt cheezy writing it). It's approachable, not scary. It's a wheat ale with what I call a sweet bite, I think real beer people call it spicy and fruity. Listen to the real beer people, they have jobs in beer. I do not.   Some peeps put an orange it, some drink it while wearing sun glasses, some do both.  I support drinking Bell's Oberon anyway you fancy it.  It's Summer, Enjoy!


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