Saturday, August 7, 2010

No Moon Man for you!

T-shirt Quote at a rest stop in Black River Falls, Wi

In order to fully understand this post or lack of post, here is what you need to know about my life over the past few days and days to come.

I have traveled from Chicago, IL to Madison, Wi-back to Chicago, back to Madison then on to Black River Falls, Wisconsin. The journey continues through MN, SD, WY, MT, WA & Finally OR. As I type this, I am on I-90 outside Blue Earth, MN. I started this adventure on August 5th at 7pm CST and it is now 6pm CST, August 7th.

I deserve a beer! This is what brings me to the most fantastic and the most tragic part of this journey.

My beer loving boyfriend, (who is the reason for this epic journey-bringing him to his new home in Beaverton, Oregon) decides to take a short potty stop @ a BP in Tomah, Wisconsin.  Blink, and you will miss it. Relax, we didn't buy gas here and so what if we did? This is a beer blog not a Save the Whales campaign.  We did however, contribute to the merchant's convenient store sales. Let me explain.

FANTASTIC PART: Much to my surprise, "D" says "I should pick up some Wisconsin Beer here."  Queue Saliva. Although overjoyed at the possibility of my version of "picking out the perfect out fit", finding America's Dairyland's perfect brew, I am skeptical.  I mean you have to understand, the magazine rack only had magazines with the special black plastic cover on it. 

 As it turns out there was one hidden Gem, New Glarus Brewery Moon Man!   I was delighted, I have never had this beer and although the brewery sounds familiar....I am intrigued as "D" points out it is not distributed across the state line of Wisconsin.   This IS a fantastic purchase.

This is where I tell you about the beer and it's delicious hops or smooth finish, blah blah blah. 

TRAGIC PART:  As the photo above explains: "Life is Crap".  "D" with enthusiasm says "I promised my new roommate in Portland, I would bring him back some Wisconsin beer!"  Queue frowny face!  I want "D" to make new friends, so I accept that beers fate and go to the counter with him to pay with my shoulders slumped forward. The cashier than says, "Wow, that Moon Man is excellent."  Conspiracy.

There ya have it peeps: The case of Moon Man is sitting in the back of the U-haul being hauled across country and each time we lift open the gate on the truck, it stares at me and laughs.  No beer to share with you today.  If anyone reading this has actually tried this beer as opposed to just buying it and well staring at it, then I encourage you to share in the comments section what I am missing.


P.s. I love the Whales and totally do what I can to save them!  You should too.

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  1. You probably remember the name New Glarus for Spotted Cow. Not available in IL so everyone wants it. Over rated, Spotted Cow that is.
    bob lechowicz