Sunday, August 29, 2010

A Nutty Canadian

Tonight, i found myself in Toronto. It could happen.  Every time i find myself in Canada...i always say to myself....."Self, the beer here makes me feel like i just went for a run, water."  

yelped about the town after I arrived at my hotel. I never yelp before I depart to Canada, as it's always questionable if they will allow me in ( i was kicked out of canada for reals.) I found my Canadian Lobster. I found Beer Bistro.  

For the U.S of A followers, you would think, um this doesn't sound all that different from anything you would find in the states, this trendy beer business and all. Well, yeah, but I am in Toronto and I swear to you, this is a gem. A JEM, if you will ( click on that link, you won't regret it).

I learned tonight from the Beer Bistro Bartendar..... most Canadians think Americans (U.S. Citizens, not to be confused with Canadian's or Mexicans) only drink Bud light, Coors Light and Miller Light. I was sure to correct those rumors by saying "um, no it's Bud, Miller, Coors and Redbull and Vodka, so there." Funny thing is I thought Canadians only drank LabattsMoosehead and Molsen .  


Denison's Dunkel  is one of two brews made by Denison's Brewing Company.  It's a Munich style beer with a sweet nutty finish. I tasted hints of burnt toast and felt the Malty texture as it went down the hatch. The details and craftsmanship that went into this beer excited me about the Ontario beer scene.  You can only find it in Toronto, which makes it special and an excellent find on my part. Beer Geek Points racking up over here.  Canada........You had me at "Eh"

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