Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Some people go Rogue, I drink Rogue

The only way I support a lady going Rogue is if she is drinking it.  I Love Rogue Ales.  I love Rogue Ales so much that I require the men I date to love them just as much. Check out "D" going Rogue!

In fact, "D" took me to Rogue Distillery and Public House in Portland, Oregon on my last vist.  Move over McSteamy.

In order to understand my love for the particular Rogue Beer I ordered that evening you must understand my inability to say the word Chipotle. It's true! when I see the word Chipotle something happens to my brain to mouth data center that it becomes almost impossible to say the word correctly. I have settled on Chip-o-latte.  It works....EXCEPT when you are at Rogue Public House and you have your heart set on ordering a Chipotle Rogue Ale. I know full well the minute I say Chip-o-latte  they will bounce me out of there thinking I was drunkity drunk drunk (click on this link, you will not regret it).  It takes a conscious effort to say it the correct way.  It actually hurts, but I manage just fine and my taste buds' dream comes true.

If you like Jalepenos and you like them smoked AND you like beer, well than DUH!  Go get you some of this. I mean it's a no brainer really. It drinks creamy ( that is not officially a beer term, i'm sure...but you get the idea).  To really understand this beer, you should breathe in before your first sip to get the true smokey experience.  Take this beer in slowly. It usually takes me two sips to make friends with it and then its smooth from there. Take your time with it, you will find a citrus note in there and perhaps some spice. It's amber in color, goes great with a nice summer outfit.


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  1. Just checking out Hops Lobster for the first time! You're as funny online as you are in person - I love it!