Sunday, September 19, 2010

It's Fall...on my bottom lip.

It's Fall.

Yeah yeah smarty pants, I know that it's scientifically still summer, but I live in IS fall. Football is on, there is a crisp chill in the air. The leaves are green, hanging on for dear life.  The long sleeves are on, our DVRs are maxed out with the Fall TV schedule (what exactly is THE EVENT for the love of the Peacock?), the windows are open, blankets on, to wear the flip flop or not is the big decision of the day and Dogfish Head has released their Punkin Ale.

You heard me! Don't try to argue now, thats right..Punkin Ale is on tap, so put that baseball glove away bring out that QB Jersey and drink up.

I would seriously bathe in this beer. It's like AUTUMN in my mouth, Fall on my lips to be exact. In my opinion it is the best fall release beer in the American Craft Beer world.

I feel like most Pumpkin flavored beers are ummmm....Pumpkin Pie Flavored. Punkin Ale is not. It has real pumpkin, and all the fall spices but not sugary sweet. It does have some brown sugar notes, but you won't be overwhelmed by them. This brown ale is fact you can knock a few back and not realize the 7% abv until the 2nd half. Oops.

Hurry up and get you some! Before you know it,  it will be time to pardon a turkey and we all will be Punked out!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

My Magic Eight Ball is spelled D-O-G-F-I-S-H H-E-A-D

Me(left) and Friends and our brush
with Fame "Sam Calagione"( Center)
Thanks Sam,  for creating
 Dogfish 60 Minute IPA, My Magic 8 Ball.

Dear Dogfish Head's 60 Minute IPA-

I have the blues. You see, my friends and I aren't as close as we use to be, my boyfriend moved to Portland and lately my job forces me to stick needles in my eyes and that hurts. To Quote my lover Bob Dylan "and it's hard and it's hard, it's hard and it's hard, it's a hards rain's a gonna fall..."

I am asking you and your reliable Indian Pale Ale wisdom, what next?
I come to you because you have never let me down. You are 100% consistent each and every time I come to you for advice. You are awesome from start to finish. Your hoppy, citrus, malty response to my nagging questions are always PERFECT and never disappoint. 


Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Baron Von Awesome vs. Rum and Coke.....Place Ur Bets!

Nothing irritates me more in life than when I hear the following words at a brewery ( a place that brews beer on property) "Can i have a rum and coke?"  The answer is "NO, NO YOU CAN NOT!"  It happened tonight. It happend at Piece Pizzeria and Brewery in Chicago's Wicker Park neighborhood. It took all the will power I ever had to not put fist to face. How can you possibly order a rum and coke when there are beers on tap called  Camel Toe, Full Frontal Ale, Worryin Ales, Wingnut and Baron Von Awesome?

Baron Von Awesome is genius in it's name and in it's 4.5% delicious craft beer wheat ale dreaminess.  Go get you some of this Not Rum and Coke Awesomeness.