Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Baron Von Awesome vs. Rum and Coke.....Place Ur Bets!

Nothing irritates me more in life than when I hear the following words at a brewery ( a place that brews beer on property) "Can i have a rum and coke?"  The answer is "NO, NO YOU CAN NOT!"  It happened tonight. It happend at Piece Pizzeria and Brewery in Chicago's Wicker Park neighborhood. It took all the will power I ever had to not put fist to face. How can you possibly order a rum and coke when there are beers on tap called  Camel Toe, Full Frontal Ale, Worryin Ales, Wingnut and Baron Von Awesome?

Baron Von Awesome is genius in it's name and in it's 4.5% delicious craft beer wheat ale dreaminess.  Go get you some of this Not Rum and Coke Awesomeness.

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