Saturday, January 1, 2011

The Story Goes Like this.....

Girl meets guy. Guy charms girl with adventures and promises. Girl falls in love. Guy falls in love.  Guy gets new job, not here....but there. Girl feels supportive, but it all comes out wrong.  Guy moves. Girl misses guy. Guy misses girl, but it all comes out wrong.   Girl and Guy Fight, Girl and Guy make up.  Guy breaks up with girl. Girl drinks beer. And that is how I discovered Netebuk 

I hung up the phone, put on my coat and walked (after appropriate amount of melt down time passed) to Red and White, my favorite wine store in my neighborhood. I had every intention of grabbing some wine to numb the pain, but there it was.  Red and White has a small cooler of speciality brews that are usually impossible to find and always are an introduction to something new and intriguing.

Girl Goes Crazy Spoiler:  You have to understand I was in a daze, but as I passed the cooler to purchase my carefully selected wine for the night ( pretty labels).  I stopped to look at the cooler. There it was a bright green paper with a goat on it. I have a friend who is married to a man she calls goat.  Goat is ridiculously in touch with his feelings that at times it makes me feel like I have failed as a woman. Goat thinks the guy who dumped me is good for me.  So why not, why not get the beer with the Goat on it so I can pity myself for sabotaging a a relationship that probably was good for me. Thanks Goat.  It seemed logical that I needed to take this beer home. Yep, that's right I said Logical.

I picked up the beer and asked the store owner if it was good. Store Owner: "Yep, we don't select beers that we don't think are good."  Thanks dude. OK, so he makes a good point and on any other day I would have been fine with this answer........but I just got dumped, humor me for beer's sake ( I also knew he was from wisconsin, which is where guy who dumped me is from so I was already mad at him by geographical up bringing default). He didn't know of course, so I choked my rage and mustered up a smile and said "I'll take it". It was a good decision.

Best Break up Belgian Ale of all time.  Pricey, but delicious. It's the type of beer you want after a good workout or in my case a massive cry. I normally would not enjoy a blond in the middle of winter, but the bakery fresh aroma and it's full body make it a perfect for a blustery night. The hops are there but they aren't punching you in the face. There are some faint peach notes with a spicy finish. After a few sips I could taste some baked bread and lemon. Its smooth and very drinkable.  It's not the type of break up beer you would want if you hate the guy or if you dumped him( grab a whiskey) It's a bitter sweet love story. Enjoy it.

Brewery: T'Brouwkot
Imported: 12 Percent