Sunday, March 6, 2011

F**K You! Namaste!

It's been a hell of winter and I for one am fucking sick of it.  I'm tired of the slushy, shitty, gray days. I'm tired of the traveling and the ending of relationships. I'm tired of eating pasta to keep warm and sick of my toes being held hostage to socks and boots. I want my flip flops and my summer beer.  Breathe, calm down.....NAMASTE!

I would like to personally thank my friend Ann, who stored up this lovely Dogfish Head Namaste for just the right moment in winter where we all know spring is just around the corner and then it freaking SNOWS one last damn time, just to remind us that spring is not official until the 21st of March

Namaste is a crisp citrus Belgian White delight. Light in hops, Light in ABV and brings you peace with every sip. Lemongrass and Coriander pretty much screams FLIP FLOPs on my lips.  It is approachable and best if shared with a friend who is also sick of this Chicago Winter.  The best part is that you are not required to do any downward facing dogs to enjoy it. Just hunt for it, buy it, open it, pour it.......Cheers! 


  1. how does it compare to a Hoegaarden? More citrus kick?

  2. @chris, It's cleaner and more subtle citurs and spice notes than hoegaarden. I find Namaste to be easier on tastebuds. Hoegaarden seems to leave a tangy after taste.