Monday, May 30, 2011

I Heart Brooklyn

Im having a love affair. His name is Lager and he is from Brooklyn.

I met him a few months ago when I was visiting a friend in New York. A friend ( sexy brewery dude)  of Lager was giving tours of his place. As I was learning about his family history and how he and his siblings were born....I allowed him ( lager, not sexy brewery dude....although the thought crossed my mind) to touch my lips and stimulate my taste buds.  It was our special moment. His lingering honey crisp taste was  how I knew I would develop a longing for him at the end of every long lonely day.  There is no other lager like him. He is the one.  He has a slight bitter side, I have to be careful not to tell him about my other lover, dogfish head.  No worries though, he is more easy going ( down..heehee) than anything.

It's a long distance affair. I do not get to see him often. I live in Illinois and although he shows up in liquor stores from time to time...I have to find him hiding out in some local beer bars in Chicago.  He is not a one woman kind of brew. His bright gold amber good looks are tempting to others and I have to put my jealousy aside when I finally find him...because he is so tasty and refreshing.

We have had many wonderful moments together. He greeted me after a long hot run, he is a great shower buddy ( this is a sign of commitment for me) and he always wraps his gentle arms around me at the end of a rough day. He smells so earthy/manly yet sweet, almost a hint of caramel. It's addicting. I would bathe in Lager if he would let me.

I hope you get to meet him some time. He really is quite the gentleman.



  1. You better stay away from my girlfriend Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout! Haha. Very entertaining.